Dinner Time

Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage




Project work is winding down.  This morning I went over to IUFRO and did a few small things with Michael, wrote emails that I would send once I got back to the hotel (Internet is still down at the IUFRO Headquarters) and this afternoon we had a meeting with Executive Director Peter Mayer.  (It is worth looking at the previous link so that you can see photos of some of the IUFRO folks I keep mentioning in the blog.)

The meeting with Peter went well and it was more-or-less the wrap up of the 3 weeks of travel.  The FORNIS and GFIS projects remain ongoing and there is lots to do to make sure that things stay on task but it is time for me to start backing away from so much hands on work and let the true workers of these projects do their jobs.  It will be my task to keep up with everyone over email and offer advice and help as needed.

Time has come to not make a sound
Time has come to lay my burdens down

So don’t pay me no mind, I’m walkin’ away
You’ll see me again on some other day
You’ll see me again, I’ll be ready to go
And pour out my (work) with
my heart and my soul

(This is really not my last blog post… I am just feeling spent for the moment and wanted to quote JB again.)

Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The video does not change so just hit the play button and enjoy the music.

Hotel Blogging

Hotel Kreiner

Hotel Kreiner

’tis a rainy afternoon in Vienna.

Previously I had been joking that I brought sunshine where ever I traveled but today the rains arrived in full force.  No sprinkles here!  The lightening strikes knocked off the Internet connection at the IUFRO headquarters so I came back to the hotel to do some emails related to FORNIS along with USFS work.

Other than not being able to get an Internet connection in my room, the hotel is great.  Of course one advantage of working in the dining area is that I am offered “gas water”.  (Yes, there are two types of water.  “Gas water” and “still water”.  Of course, still water is sometimes called flat water.)

Perhaps if the rain lets up I will walk around the neighborhood.  If not, then it could be another early night….

Back in Vienna

reading lähtevät signs

reading lähtevät signs

Long day on Sunday.

I started my afternoon by “reading lähtevät signs” in the Helsinki airport, flying to Vienna, taking trains, buses, and finally a taxi until I arrived at Hotel Kreiner.  There are always people that speak English but yesterday there seemed to be fewer than usual.  This proved a little challenging since, because of track construction, the train did not go all the way to Hütteldorf and i had to try to figure out the bus system.  The unexpected extra steps in transportation were not terribly difficult, it just adds a little extra challenge when you don’t speak the language.

Since there was no Internet at the hotel last night I took the opportunity to go to the restaurant across the street and watch the last set of the Wimbledon match.  I think the Austrians were pulling for Federer to win and it was a epic ending to the match.

Last night was another great night for sleep.  Perhaps being on the road for three weeks can actually make a person tired….  ;-)

Today I am off to do a little work with Michael at the IUFRO Headquarters.  More soon! (Providing I have access to the Internet.)

Finland Photos

A few select photos from Finland.  Lots more to add but here is a start:


Noontime Coffee

Sleep came easy last night.  11 hours.  I needed every minute of it! Even the street sounds did not bother me.

Now is time for some mid-day coffee and then stretch my legs a bit.  This afternoon I MUST do some work.  So much left to do….

Tonight I repack my belongings and tomorrow I am off to Vienna for a couple of days at the IUFRO Headquarters to give and update on the progress of FORNIS and “close the loop” on some of the things we started in Malawi.

Finn Fish

Even though I am sleep deprived and completely exhausted – it is hard to beat a day when you can hold a fish like this!  Ok, so maybe “technically” Juha caught the fish.  He may have cast the rod and set the hook but after he handed me the rod I reeled it close enough that he could net the pike and bring it in the boat.  That counts for something, right? ;-)

Finn Fish

Finn Fish

(Note:  I did actually catch a fish today but it was small and not photo worthy like the one above.)

I also extend my personal thanks to Juha and Hannah’s parents for a wonderfully generous day.  Just fantastic.  More details soon but for now I gotta rest.

Gone Fishin’

Lots of work to do (IUFRO and USFS) but I am gonna give it a rest for a day.  Gonna try to keep my fingers off the keyboard and take a personal day.

Next stop:  Loviisa!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Wagon Wheel

Comfort Music

Sons of Ralph do a pretty cood cover of the song too!

South Facing Window

Ummm…..  Does everyone know that south facing windows in Helsinki can give you a warm room?  really warm.  I mean REALLY Warm!

The new hotel room is nice and I have my own private Sauna at no extra charge!

Room View

Room View

Hotel Finn

Hotel Finn

St. Petersburg

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change

A few days ago I saw a sign for St. Petersburg.  The Sones Lyrics came to mind and so this afternoon’s music is from The Rolling Stones- Live at Rock’n’Roll Circus, 1968.

Thursday = Moving Day

Wednesday was great.  I did a few hours of work at Metla and then spent time with Juha, Tommi, and Elania (sp?) having a great meal and seeing some of the sights around Helsinki.  Apparently Eero has several nice houses, boats, and an airplane.  At least that is what I was told – who am I to say different? ;-)

Lots of good photos to post but that will have to wait for later in the day.  At the moment I am trying to pack and prepare to move to a new hotel in the downtown area.  The airport hilton is great but not much interesting in the walking neighborhood.

More updates and photos later in the day.  Hopefully.

Three Words

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Three words to describe Finland:

If you don’t know these words, click on the link and read about ‘em.

Someday the Finns may add Linux to their list but perhaps it is a little early to add this word describing a project from a guy who attended the University of Helsinki the the 1990s.  Maybe someday.

Hurriganes – I will stay

Now that I am Finland, I gotta add some music from the Hurriganes!

If you don’t know these guys, click around their other videos on YouTube to check out their music or, at least visit their wiki page!