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By the Numbers

A few numbers from the trip.
(The table formatting is off but I think you can figure it out.)

24 Days in travel status
21 Nights in hotels
7 Different hotels
24,896 Miles: Air miles flown (runway to runway)
24,901 Miles:

Earth’s circumference at the equator

14 Number of flights (different planes)
8 Different airports
7 PPTs given, written, or helped to write
3 Countries visited (spent over night – not just airport stops)
13 Geocaches found
2 Fish caught
77 Blog posts (including this one)
unknown Cups of coffee consumed




Project work is winding down.  This morning I went over to IUFRO and did a few small things with Michael, wrote emails that I would send once I got back to the hotel (Internet is still down at the IUFRO Headquarters) and this afternoon we had a meeting with Executive Director Peter Mayer.  (It is worth looking at the previous link so that you can see photos of some of the IUFRO folks I keep mentioning in the blog.)

The meeting with Peter went well and it was more-or-less the wrap up of the 3 weeks of travel.  The FORNIS and GFIS projects remain ongoing and there is lots to do to make sure that things stay on task but it is time for me to start backing away from so much hands on work and let the true workers of these projects do their jobs.  It will be my task to keep up with everyone over email and offer advice and help as needed.

Time has come to not make a sound
Time has come to lay my burdens down

So don’t pay me no mind, I’m walkin’ away
You’ll see me again on some other day
You’ll see me again, I’ll be ready to go
And pour out my (work) with
my heart and my soul

(This is really not my last blog post… I am just feeling spent for the moment and wanted to quote JB again.)

Tough Night, Better Day

Just a quick whine about how sick I was on Monday night / Tuesday morning.  geeze….  it was awful….  I gotta get a better handle on taking care of myself when I travel.  Slow down on the work or something.

Although I would have taken a sick day if I was home in NC, at least today I fell better.  Not 100% but still I am better.

We (Juha, Tommi, and Helena) got some work done at Metla and we’ll pick up on the reamining tasks in the morning.

Time to spend some quality time with the pillow….