finland-flag-smI have safelty made it to Finland.  37 hours after leaving my last hotel I have arrived at my new place in Helsinki.  *whew*   umm….  I’m kinda glad I leg of the trip (from Malawi to Finland without stopping ) just so I can tell the story – but I DON’T recommend it.

Unfortunately there was a problem with the hotel reservation but I have convinced the folks to let me stay here at least one night.  Well, 8 hours…..  It is midnight local time and we’ll have to straighten things out in the morning or I will go packing again.

I just saw the US lost in the finals of the Confederations Cup.  Damn……  I hope that I did not take the good luck away from my fellow countrymen when I left the continent!

Gotta sleep.  More tomorrow after I take care of where I will stay in Helsinki and, most importantly, after I take care of some critical work stuff for Michael Weldon, Edward Mundy, and Tamara Jenner.  Gotta keep on top of the FS work!

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