Far Side of the World

Back at home, it’s afternoon
Six thousand miles away.
I will still be there when I get through
Attending this soiree

There are jobs and chores and questions
And plates I need to twirl,
But tonight I’ll take my chances,
On the Far Side of the World.

–Jimmy Buffett

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs.  Ever.

My experience in Africa has been nothing like JB’s but I am sure glad I made the trip.  :-)

Saturday morning I start my 36+ hour journey of more than 7,000 miles from Southeast Africa to Northern Europe.  Before I go dormant for a while I wanted to leave the blog with some music.  The first part of the is video from Buffett and his band in the studio and the song starts at 1:30 so skip ahead if you like.

Best wishes from “The Far Side of the World”

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