Flashbacks of MEO Work

This morning our group has been working on the patio outside the hotel lobby.  The weather is nice – sunny and dry, and the surrounding geography reminds me of Tucson, Arizona.  Not exactly the same, of course, but close enough to give me flashbacks of work on the MEO work from a few years ago.

Is this my lot in life?  Traveling to interesting places only to sit in hotels and work with other techies about how to better manage our jobs?  Perhaps.

The major draw back to this extracurricular work is trying to juggle the work of these special projects while maintaining some semblance of control concerning the my primary duties for the Southern Station.

These trips and projects are challenging and exhausting. But the upside is that I get to meet and work with some of the best people in the US (and the world).  On occasions you feel as if you are making a difference for the better, and you know, there are worse ways to make a living!

MEO Work

MEO Work - December 2006


FORNESSA Work - June 2009

MEO Group Photo

MEO Group Photo - December 2006

FORNESSA Group Photo

FORNESSA Group Photo - June 2009

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