Stella Acquah,  Ghana

Stella Acquah, Ghana

Because of the constantly changing schedule and needs/demands of the Steering Committed, the FORNESSA Information Managers are spending  the morning working on a presentation to be given in a Plenary session this afternoon.  What is our topic you might ask….?  Oh, nothing big – just everything we have done as a group and our work plan for the next year!!!!

As appropriate, my higher profile role in the group is winding down and so I will not do the presentation this afternoon.  *whew*

I have hacked out a PPT (or at least started it) and then handed the keyboard over to Stella and she is adding slides and she will represent the group this afternoon.

I am feeling really proud to be part of this project.  :-)

Providing the plan is accepted, the next step is to do my best to communicate the details of the general PPT and my scribbling notes to Juha and the folks at Metla.

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