Frustrating Part 2.

The maddening part is today is that we are not moving at the speed at which we should.  Our time in Blantrye is limited and we need to be as productive as possible.  This meeting is a follow from a meeting in Ghana in October and we should be working on specific assignments.  So much to do, so little time. (Cliche but true.)

We can’t seem to get traction on the critical tasks.  Yes it only Monday but we only have 3 more working days.  Maybe we are making progress but it is hard for me to discern.   We could not (did not) keep to the original agenda because 1/3 of our group had not arrived.

As frustrating for as today was for me, I am sure that it was more so for Michael.  *shrug*  Well, maybe not.  Perhaps I am projecting that his Germanic sense of efficiency would be more susceptible to the setbacks.  Or maybe it is me and my low tolerance for sorts of situations.

Still, Michael assures me that “within normal limits” for this soft of gathering.

But let’s keep this in perspective.  The meeting is supposed to include thirty-five people.  Of those thirty-five people, eleven missed their flights to Blantyre and had to stay in Lilongwe last night.  These eleven people were also not able to catch the flight down to Blantyre this morning, however they should be here tonight.  We’ll see.  Seven other people who made it to Blantyre arrived without their luggage.  And at least two other fellows of Liberia were not issued the proper visas when they entered the country and they are still dealing with emigration officials.

So…. I made it to town, my luggage made it to the hotel, and I am not having to deal with the local government officials.  I am one of the lucky ones.

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