Sunday Night

All is well in our little corner of Blantyre as the FORNESSA Networking Meeting begins in a few hours.

Due to flight delays several people were not able to make connecting flights to Blantyre and so approximately 10 people scheduled to attend our meeting are spending the night in Lilongwe.  These folks should be able to catch a morning hop to Blantyre and be at the conference centre by mid-day.  Hopefully.

Other random updates:

  • I am still kicking myself for not buying an additional power converter at the Johannesburg airport.  I was having trouble with the one I brought on this trip and now I am without a power converted.  Luckily Michael has one that I can use (very kind) but we have to share and that is not convenient to either of us.
  • The people who run the hotel are Pastuhn (I think).  The are Muslim and they have a stick no-alcohol policy.  The policy not only forbids alcohol from being served but it also prohibits alcohol from being brought onto the premises.  This is why we had our “ice-breaker” at a nearby Hotel.
  • I wish I could speak German or French.
  • The work of building a functioning technical network for FORNESSA seems more daunting by the hour.  Infrastructures at the institutions seem be even less than I have imagined.   (And I did not expect much.)  However I am feeling very happy about the connections I am making with the Information Managers.  Everyone seems to be highly motivated.  (Of course, it is still Sunday night.)
  • It is 10pm and Michael and I are sitting in the Board Room preparing for tomorrow.  Michael is working on a PPT and I am mostly just checking FS email and being on standby in case he wants to bounce ideas around.
  • Blantyre seems to always be smokey.
  • Still no sign of Maddona.

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