Sunday Morning In Blantyre

Sleep is one of the greatest things in the world.

After almost “face planting” into my dinner last night I somehow found the strength to stumble back to my room where I had one of the best nights rests in days.  Nothing quite like exhaustion to make the bed feel extra comfy.  I doubt I even turned over once before the alarm woke me 9 hours later.

Breakfast was wonderful.  Scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast.  And lots and lots of coffee!

My breakfast companions were three people from Burkina Faso.  One man is a professor of forestry, another is the head of the IT department at the insitution, and the lady is a professor who studies about seeds and germination.  They all speak french as a first language but their English was quite good.  Still, it helped that I have paper and pen nearby to write out a few words that we could not understand when spoken.

Internet is still “touch and go”.  Michael is letting me use his PC to check email and it is a little differnet keyboard layout so you may see more typos than usual.  My computer has also been giving some odd errors but it seems to be working OK.

I have taken photos but uploading them will have to wait for a more dependable Internet connection – or when I have more patience.

Now I am going to check on the meeting location to make sure that everything is set for tomorrow!  Hope to have one last post of the day around 2-3pm ET on Sunday.

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