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rdm and Juha

rdm and Juha

FORTROP II officially opened this morning with great ceremony.  At least I assume that it was a great ceremony, Juha and I were staffing the IUFRO/GFIS booth during the opening address.  That’s fine with us, we had to figure out how to put together the high-tech displays and that took some time.  ;-)

During the breaks we had lots of visitors to our table but no one has come back to us from the workshop.  I still wonder if we made a difference yesterday….

This morning I spent a fair amount of time with folks from the DPRK.  They were facinated with Google Earth and I helped them download a copy to their comptuer so that they can take it back to North Korea with them.  All the DPRK folks have buttons of Kim Jong-il that they wear on their suits.  I tried to trade them an Obama button for one of the Dear Leader but so far they have not agreed.  This afternoon I plan to have some mekju with them and perhaps I will have better luck.

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