IUFRO Exhibit at FORTROP II and the End of the Day

Computer Workshop

Computer Workshop

Following the workshop Ho Sang, Juha, and I walked over to the building that will host FORTROP II.  After a long day there is nothing quite like walking in the Bangkok heat in a suit and tie and not quite knowing where you are going!  ;-)

After a few false starts we finally found the location for FORTROP and checked in for the meeting.  Wow. We have the BEST spot for and exhibit.  Everyone who walks trough the doors of this building will have to pass Juha and I (two really big guys) before entering the symposium.  We will NOT go unnoticed!

Registering for Internet access was a pain.  Access to the Intenet is very well controlled.  Only registered people for the event can have names and passwords to access the wi-fi and they even keep track of MAC addresses and passport numbers of each account.

By the time we made it to the “ice breaker” we were exhausted.  We stayed for a couple of orange sodas and then left in search of a taxi. I know that we are far from the city center but at least in this area traffic is not early as bad as Hanoi.  There are fewer taxi’ available but there is much less congestion in this part of the city and you don’t feel like you are taking your life in your hands by crossing the street!

Bt the time we got back to the hotel Juha and I had enough energy to walk the neighborhood before going back to the hotel for dinner, a beer, and listening to Karaoke before calling it a night.

More updates from the exhibit hall!

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