Two Days ’til Departure

United States Passport

United States Passport

After a few years with the Forest Service you would think that I would be accustom to incomplete and vague travel arrangements.  However trying to get approval and work through the details of travel arrangements for this trip has been more “challenging” than anything previous.    It was less than a week before I was suppose to depart that I finally got my passport, visa, and clearance cable for this trip.  (Clearance cables are necessary when traveling on an official passport.)

Luckily everything seems to have worked out fine with travel to Bangkok.  One positive thing from this delay is that I was able to get a MUCH less expensive ticket by waiting so long to book my flights.  I will be traveling roundtrip from CLT to BKK for less than $1,200!

Now I just need to make sure that I have a hotel room reserved….  ;-)

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