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Slight Delay

Monday, November 24th, 2008 by rdm

I have been delayed in posting to the blog but I hope to get back to regular updates soon.

Yesterday I took the water taxi to Koh Larn Island.  It is a short and inexpensive trip and although it was touristy I am glad that I went.  There is a geocache at the very top of the island and it now in my smilie list!  :-)

Keep watching for updates!



Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 by rdm
Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Seems that Roubi misses me.  The server keeps acting up and apache keeps crashes.  There is not just one thing that seems to causing the problem – one day it’s Tomcat the next day it is the /mnt disk space that has run out of room.

Since it is midnight in BKK and I have now had almost 5 hours of sleep this afternoon/evening I was a little more focused as I poked around on the machine and I think (hope) that I have made it a little more stable.  At least stable enough for the server to keep running until I return to AVL and I can do more sysadmin work.

So, having a wireless connection in my room along with a VPN is a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is that when the server has problems I can do everything I normally do in my office while I am 10,000 miles away.  The curse is that even though I am 10,000 miles away, I am doing everything I normally do while I am in my office.  ;-)

Now that things seem more stable I will try to sleep some more before going back to the conventionhall in a few hours.  nighty-night!