Apr 25 2008 04:38 am

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Friday Workshops

IUFRO/GFIS Group Today has been my busiest day – the reason why I have traveled 10,000 miles from home – so I have had little time for blogging. After this post I am off to the closing ceremony.  Afterwards I’ll see if I can help take down and pack the USFS exhibit before leaving the National Convention Center.

The IUFRO/GFIS workshop along with presentations were well received. I plan to expand on the events of the day in a later post but for now I am happy to say that the trip seems like a great success.

Tomorrow I’ll be on an all day field trip to Tam Dao national park in north eastern Vietnam where I will do my best to set way points along with taking photos and video of the jungle. Following the field trip I dash off to the airport for a flight a 12:30am Sunday morning flight to Seoul that will begin my long journey back to Asheville.

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