Apr 24 2008 08:24 am

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Dinner + Nine Languages

GFIS DinnerTonight was dinner with GFIS parters and potential partners at a restaurant near the Lake Side Hotel. As we began discussing problems/issues/challenges/opportunities with information sharing Fred Stolle noted that we had people at the table with nine different native languages. Ho Sang reminded us that English is the global language but even so, at times like this English seems rather limiting.

Lots of good ideas were discussed, we had great food while we talked. Tonight we decided to have “food that swims” as opposed to food that “walks” or “flies”. Interesting way to classify things. I did not get an answer to what you call veggies and tofu, perhaps that is food that just hangs out in the fields.

After dinner I am more encouraged about GFIS and its future. It does the soul good to see and listen to intelligent and enthusiastic people discuss how to work together more effectively. It is also great thing to be part of an effort like GFIS especially when the USFS can be an information provider and cheerleader and not have the organizational or technical responsibility of Ho Sang, Eero, or Juha.

I have more work to do on my presentations but that will have to wait until the morning.

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