Apr 24 2008 02:06 am

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Convention Center Blogging

Randy, Eero, and Ho SangThursday has been spent at the National Convention Center with most of my time with Eero, Ho Sang, or my keyboard where I have been re-working my presentations. Seems that one presentation needs to be shortened while the other needs expanding.

Earlier this morning I created a sample XML file and emailed Juha (GFIS technical lead in Helsinki) asking him to confirm the RSS feeds will work for the demonstration tomorrow. As soon as I get confirmation the test data is working I will be able to breath a sigh of relief. If not…. well, then perhaps I should go buy some finger puppets this afternoon so that I can something entertaining to do in my alloted time. ;-)

Although everything seems to be in flux, including the schedule and number of presenters, I am sure that things will go fine tomorrow. We are getting a lot of positive feedback about GFIS and people seem receptive to whatever we have to say.

This evening some of the key GFIS partners and potential partners will be going for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant near my hotel. This should be a productive time because it has been my experience that the most useful part of these types of conferences are spent in small social situations. So far, this trip has been no exception.

Randy at the Asian Pacific Foresty ConferenceOn a personal note my cold seems to be getting worse. At least I am not alone, several people at the conference seems to be suffering from the same malady. I guess that is a function of bringing people together from all over the world.

I’m off to fine a pharamcy, recharge the PC, and prepare for dinner. I might blog one more post of the day providing I find some relief from this cold/fever.

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    I should have sent the llama