Apr 23 2008 09:17 am

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Wednesday Evening

A quick post before I call it a day and get some much needed rest. It is 9pm in Hanoi and I just finished a meeting with Eero in which we discussed the agenda for Friday. The program remains fluid because some countries/organizations were unable to attend, others have not confirmed their participation, and there may be new people on the agenda. Ho Sang is working on the details and I should know more tomorrow.

My short presentation, such as it is, seems ready. At least ready enough. Now my main concern is in regards to the demonstration on how to become an “information provider partner”. Eero gave me some much needed direction of how he would like the demonstration to given and I will show him a draft by mid-day on Thursday. JIT science delivery! Hopefully I will be on track with my first attempt of the demo.

On a personal note, I am exhausted. Travel and time zone changes are taking their toll. This afternoon/evening I had to take a nap just so I would have enough energy to do a little work before calling it a night. Also, I think I am getting a cold. Blah….. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

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