Apr 22 2008 06:10 pm

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Eero, Ho Sang, and GFIS

Last night I arrived at the hotel, exhausted, around 10:30pm and I was happy to see Eero was online (skype) and learn that he had arrived safely in Hanoi. Since we are both at the same hotel we agreed to met in the lobby for a moment to say hello and talk briefly about the work ahead.

Yesterday Ho Sang was introducing me to many people and during one meeting I was taken aback at how some of the CIFOR folks were questioning the need for more organizations to participation in GFIS. I think the message was how CIFOR was mostly interested in more/new services but it made me think that perhaps the participants of the workshop may be wanting a different message than the one I brought with me.

Today, I hope that Eero and I can do some preliminary work for the GFIS demonstration and presentations. *shrug* we might even have to consider adjusting our message. Guess we had better be on our toes!

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