Apr 22 2008 02:05 am

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Tuesday at the APFC: Full Tilt

It is early afternoon in Hanoi and I finally have a moment to stop and write a quick blog post. The morning has been extremely busy. Full tilt. I had more computer problems but quite frankly I am tired of going into the details of my woes so I’ll just be happy for having a functioning machine at the moment.

Representatives from the DPRKEarlier this morning I have met representatives from the DPRK (North Korea) and had a good time speaking the dozen or so Korean words I know. Luckily they are very fluent in English so we were able to converse pretty well.

Most of the rest of my time has been spent with Ho Sang and others interested in GFIS. I have made lots of good contacts and I am overrun with business cards from people I have met. (Thanks again to Rodney for helping me with cards before the trip!) After talking with Ho Sang it looks like I will be spending Thursday evening with people from other Asian countries who are interested in being providers to the GFIS system. Often times most of the work is done after hours.

Kelli and AllenAfter lunch I spent some time with Kelli and Allen listening to stories of foreign travel but now it is time to get back to the work of the day.

At 3:45pm local time I will be going to the signing ceremony for the FPD. With any luck, I will have photos and video to follow.

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