Apr 20 2008 05:43 pm

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Computer problems, Taipei, and the worlds greatest latte

Funny thing happned just as I was leaving SFO.  Seems that I was logging off my laptop and it hung up during the shut down.  Since that time, the machine is COMPLETELY unable to reboot. Yikes!  A fatal error occurs that requires the W2K boot disk for repair.  Needless to say I am VERy worried if I can bring this machine back online this week and don’t know how I am going to be able to do my work or presentation.  …..  guess it is time to be creative!

In the meantime I am sitting in the Taipei airpot using a free public terminal to send emails and do this quick blog post.  Guess the only bright side of the moment is that 14 hour flight as uneventful and once I arrived I in Taipei I was able to find the worlds greatest hazelnut latte.  :-)

More posts as soon as I am able to fine access to the Internet!

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